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Probating a will in Arizona

Understanding Arizona Probate Law

Probate is the process of proving a will is valid and legal and distributing the decedent's property (whether or not there is a will).

The process includes identification of assets and liabilities, financial reconciliation and the fulfillment of the wishes of the deceased. If portions of the will are contested, the process can include probate litigation.

Steps to Probating a will in Arizona

Leary & Wence, PC can assist you with all aspects of Arizona probate law.

If you are involved in the administration of a will, there are three steps you should understand.


This is your request to the court to probate a Will and appoint a Personal Representative (also known as an Executor or Executrix).

Leary & Wence, PC prepares petitions for clients who have an interest in the estate of the deceased.


This step involves a thorough accounting of the estate and can be the most labor-intensive part of the probate process.

Leary & Wence, PC can assist you with preparing estate inventories that can settle the estate smoothly.

Final Settlement

Final settlement closes the estate and distributes the assets.

Our firm guides clients through the final settlement of the estate in the most cost efficient and least time consuming manner possible so that the assets of the estate can be distributed to the heirs expeditiously.

Estate Litigation and Prevention

If you or someone else who is a beneficiary of an estate disagree as to its administration or dispute the validity of a will, you may become involved in a will contest or other litigation. Other litigation may involve creditors of the estate whose claims might be disputed. Call Leary & Wence - 480-388-3172

A will contest or other such litigation is similar to any court case—a complaint is filed and evidence is presented to a judge to render a decision.

Leary & Wence, PC advises and represents clients with will contests and other similar litigation throughout Arizona. Although our office is in Scottsdale, our services are available throughout the metro Valley and state-wide.

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